Fruit and veg in children’s lunchboxes

Children's lunchbox
Children's lunchboxes: how many contain fruit and veg?

Fruits and vegetables in children’s lunchboxes is a subject that has been keeping our press office busy today, following our press release about how 40% of primary school lunchboxes do not contain any fruits and vegetables.

This is a concern because it is important to get children into healthy habits, including eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as early as possible.

The story was covered by the Daily Mail, as well as The Sun and the Daily Mirror.

But it was the BBC that showed the most interest in it. As well as an article on its website, it interviewed a family for its television news and Kate Mendoza, Head of Education for WCRF UK, did live interviews on BBC Breakfast from a school in Hackney.

It did not stop there. Kate also recorded an interview yesterday and that and a pre-recorded interview I did have been shown across BBC television and radio.

Kate was also scheduled to be live in the studio for ITV’s lunchtime news, but this was scuppered by the London traffic, while she did an interview this afternoon for the BBC which it is planning to broadcast on BBC News at Six.

So all in all, a really successful day. We hope our press release will help raise awareness of the importance of the contents of children’s lunchboxes and that parents and children find lots of practical tips and ideas for their packed lunches in the My Packed Lunch game on our Great Grub Club children’s website.


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