Daily Mail breast cancer prevention article

Newspapers: raising breast cancer risk awareness
Newspapers: raising awareness of breast cancer risk

Following our press release yesterday about how UK breast cancer rates are four times higher than those in Eastern Africa, the Daily Mail has published a feature on what increases breast cancer risk.

Last week, this blog highlighted the example of My Weekly magazine’s piece on how to “cancer-proof your life” as an example of the media covering cancer prevention in a way that is not helpful.

But in today’s feature, the Daily Mail has worked with our colleagues at Cancer Research UK to look at different lifestyle factors that have been reported as increasing breast cancer risk.

Cancer Research UK has then given its verdict on how strong the evidence is.

The result is an informative piece that will hopefully make a real difference in giving women the information they need to reduce their breast cancer risk.

It gets across the message that women can reduce their breast cancer risk by maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active, reducing the amount of alcohol they drink and breastfeeding their children.

WCRF UK also has a web page on reducing breast cancer risk.

But it is not just breast cancer risk that is affected by diet, physical activity and body fat. Scientists estimate about a third of the most common cancers could be prevented in this way.

For more information, read WCRF UK’s 10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention on our website.


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